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The Surface Finishing Society of Japan manages plating, chemical conversion coating, painting, polishing, cleaning, heat treating, and other techniques for metals, plastics, ceramics, and other materials, as well as various related fields. Members include researchers, technicians, companies, research institutes, and students involved in surface finishing technologies and positively engage in activity as part of a membership organization that is an academic society. At the moment, there are roughly 1,700 individual members and roughly 360 member groups.

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June 1st, 1950
Registered our establishment as an incorporated association called the “Metal Finishing Society of Japan” with approval from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture
January 1st, 1989
Changed the name of our incorporated association to the “Surface Finishing Society of Japan”
January 4th, 2011
As a result of the transition to a new corporate status caused by a reform of the public interest corporation system, registered our establishment as a general incorporated association called the “Surface Finishing Society of Japan”

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Research Fields

Fields related to physical surface coating

Physical vapor deposition (PVD), thermal spraying, hot dipping, adsorption, coating, painting, electrophoretic deposition (electro coating), lining, ion implantation, and diffusion coating

Fields related to chemical surface coating

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD), electroplating, electrocasting, electroless plating, anodic deposition, pyrolysis, sol-gel process, heat treating (oxidation, nitriding, carbonization), anodic oxidation, and chemical conversion coating

Fields related to surface substance removal

Mechanical polishing, grinding, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, chemical etching, electrolytic etching, gas phase etching, electrolytic machining, and cleaning

Fields related to surface treatment operations

Process management (labor-saving, energy-saving), inspection, quality control, work environment measures, countermeasures for waste (gas, fluid, materials), resource recycling measures, factory facilities, machinery, and parts

Fields related to surface finishing technology

Surface analysis, surface characterization, surface physical properties, surface function application (catalysts, sensors, etc.), electrodeposition application (fine metal powders, batteries, etc.), erosion, corrosion protection, and microfabrication processes (semiconductors, etc.)

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Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
(Issued on the 1st of every month)

It is an academic journal that announces the results of our latest research and also contains special feature articles that explain the latest topics in surface finishing technologies. It provides high-quality information to members who seek extensive knowledge outside their fields of specialty in a manner that is easy to understand.
Additionally, articles from the first issue to the issue from a year before the latest issue are available in J-STAGE, the open access electronic journal system provided by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
In order to preserve important intellectual properties and enhance the ability of Japanese academic societies to share their academic journals internationally, JST keeps electronic archives of papers and commentary from print media in the past. “The Journal of the Metal Finishing Society of Japan” and “Workplace Pamphlet (Later renamed to: Practical Surface Finishing Technologies)”, which are precedents of this journal, are also in this digital archive.

To the “Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan” page (Japanese)
To the J-STAGE article search and view page

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Annual meetings

Annual meetings are held twice a year in the spring and autumn. The “Lecture Proceedings,” which are published for each convention, are a valuable resource in surface finishing technologies that are not frequently covered in papers.

List of Annual meetings (Japanese)

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Seminars are held four to five times a year. The workshop seminars held in the summer are held in high regard for their combination of classroom and workshop learning.

List of Seminars (Japanese)

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Exhibitions (SURTECH)

We host the largest exhibition in Japan regarding surface finishing technologies. In 2010-2011, it was held simultaneously with the “Micromachine/MEMS Exhibition” and “ROBOTECH – Next Generation Robot Manufacturing Technology Exhibition” at Tokyo Big Sight. From 2012 on, it has been integrated with “METEC – Surface Finishing Material Exhibition” to form SURTECH 2012, which has been held simultaneously with seven exhibitions, including “nanotech 2012.” As a result, more guests can be reached, producing a significant synergistic effect on the exhibitions. SURTECH 2019 will again be held simultaneously as the above exhibitions.


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